Wednesday, April 1, 2009

chinese food and laundry

that's what it smells like near my apartment building. in a strange way its comforting, maybe because i relate it to home, my own place, my resting place. whatever it is, i like it.

anyway. this is what my mind feels like right now:

yet strangely enough, lately i've been ridiculously anal about my organization and cleaning. funny how that works out. i guess its just easier to arrange the clutter of my material objects than to try and make sense of the things going on in my head. or even deal with them at all. i'd rather leave them untouched and scattered like the files in my picture. cause i mean honestly, look at that...would you want to clean that shit up?

i really just want to go back in time. swing on the swing set my dad built and run around barefoot in my backyard, which seemed like a much bigger and mysterious place when i was small. i just want to go back and explore again.